Parts and Oils

Parts and Oils

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We can supply a variety of equipment parts, and we are a distributor of Q8 Oils. Call Martin Smith on 01706 341121 to discuss your requirements.

Q8 Oils held in stock are listed below, but others are available on request.

Q8 OILS sold in 20 litre pales

T760   15W-40          Diesel Engine Oil
T905   10W-40 Diesel Engine Oil Synthetic
T860S 10W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (Scania engines)
GLL      5W-30 Engine Oil Synthetic (for cars and vans)
T520   10W Diesel Engine Oil
Haydn 32 Hydraulic Oil (Aljon compactors)
Heller 46 Hydraulic Oil Standard (most plant machinery)
ATF 15 Automatic Transmission Oil
TO-4 30W Transmission Oil
TO-4 50W Transmission Oil
T2200 Universal Tractor Oil
MP150 Gear Oil (Crushers drip feed)
T45 90 Gear Oil 90 Grade
T55 80W-90 Gear Oil 80 Grade
T55 85W 140 Gear Oil 140 Grade
EP320 Eduratex Gear Oil 320 Grade (Aljon compactors)
005320 Antifreeze Coolant Blue
00531 Long Life Coolant Green
79800 Add Blue diesel fuel additive for Tier3 to Tier 6 engines
Q8 GREASE sold in 400g tubes
EP2 General Purpose Grease
XL EPS High Temperature Grease